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Olive Oil isn't just for cooking . . .

Cleopatra was a huge fan of Olive
Oil's properties to keep her skin
looking sensational.


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Fed up of finding your favourite razor blade blunt after only a few days?

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Love the nice razors but can't justify the cost?

Razorector® is a brand-new product designed to do two things; save you the shaver money and reduce the amount of stainless steel and plastic going into land fill.

Let's face it we all know razor blades are expensive and we never get enough value for money! Every time we throw an expensive razor blade in the waste bin all we see are dollar signs $$ going down the tip! And that's the other side of the equation, more than 2 billion people shave every day, so just where are all those bits of plastic and stainless steel ending up?

The shaving industry is worth billions of dollars and those shaving giants know just how to get you to spend your money with their flashy advertising and now they sign you up online for months of purchases, making you believe that each blade is worth only one or two shaves. Even at a dollar a shave, 200 shaves = $200 = 200 blades down the tip every year along with all that extra packaging.

You could be spending all those dollars on you and your family, enjoying more of life's little pleasures, whilst reducing your waste with little effort on your part.

So why buy Razorector

Save money on razor blades

"Just had my 50th shave with the same razor! Been using since January 1st. Razorector works and is saving me big bucks! Let's see if it can get to 100. Will let you know."
- Simon
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With Razorector the average life of a razor blade is 5 to 6 months. We also have reviews from customers on 8 months or more. We are waiting for that 12-month review and we know it will come as we are still in our first year since our initial launch. Will it be you?

The average man can save around $400 a year and a woman can save anywhere from $100 - $250 a year depending on how often you shave and what brand you use.

Imagine the savings for a family with a husband, wife and teenagers shaving!!

Reduce Landfill

Lots of small changes = Big Change. We all need to play our part in reducing waste and it may also lead you to make other small changes in your shopping habits, it did us, enabling us save even more money and reduce landfill in other ways too. Did you know that razor blades can't be recycled here in Australia, do you know if they can they be recycled in your country?

Check out our Saving the Planet One Shave at a Time page for more details.

How does Razorector work

Razorector allows you to coat your razor blade in olive oil and store it in such a position to provide the perfect balance of blade protection and shaving comfort. This process stops the calcifying of water and shaving debris as it dries on each blade.

The dry calcified debris masks the sharpness of each blade causing it to feel blunt. Why throw it away when you can Razorector it and not only save yourself $$$$, you will be helping Save The Planet One Shave at a Time.

Razorector works with any brand or style of razors, be it 2, 3, 4, or 5 blades. Even grandads old skool double sided razor will benefit – just dip each side in the olive oil and place it on Razorector.

It really is that simple. Razorector does all the hard work, so you have more money and time to spend on you and your family.

Skin Care Results

"My partner has very sensitive skin. Since using this product he has no rash or redness. Looking forward to the prolonged life of the razor as they are Soooo expensive!"
- Johann
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When we started our trials some of our testers told us about the benefits of using olive oil, as they noticed their skin becoming softer and less irritated. One lady stopped using shaving creams all together and shaved with the olive oil, which not only made her skin softer but also reduced the amount of time it takes to actually shave. "No more being a contortionist in the shower". Other customers have said the same and one lady told us how she uses baby oil with a drop of lavender. Head over to our 'Did you Know?' section to read about the incredible uses for olive oil, it's not just for cooking.

Money Back Guarantee

We are super confident that you too will love Razorector, that's why we offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee as we know it will take this long for you to feel the true benefits of Razorector and if you have any questions you can contact us any time.

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